Physical protection

SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. provides physical protection, as one of the basic services of society. Thanks to a highly qualified managerial and operating staff, and professional and logistical support to the insured, we are able to deliver services of physical protection at the highest qualitative level, in accordance with European standards. Personal care services that the company SECURITAS Group Ltd. provides are:
  • Assets and facility security
  • Reception services
  • Security guard services
  • Money and valuables transport
  • Surveillance and monitoring of guarded facilities
  • Bodyguard services
  • Security analyses

Assets and facility security

Asset protection and physical protection of facilities is one of the most common aspects of care. Our highly trained professional staff will protect your facilities fully. Given that there is no single solution storage facility, the company Securitas Zolota Ltd. before the project delivery system for the protection and realization, performed a status report and risk analysis in order to protect the solution met all customer requirements.

Reception services

The staff of SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. Ensure the monitoring facility through your action Access control, leaving employees and customers, and preventive action to prevent threats that threaten the security and integrity of the protected object.

Security guard services

Based on extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the problem and ensuring the property, and also large public gatherings, company SECURITAS GRUPA d.o.o. will assess the risk of assembly and take optimal measures to ensure the gathering so it can proceed in desired tone.

Money and valuables transport

The company SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. with it´s professional staff and logistical support offers you highest quality level guarantees of safety for transporting your valuables.

Surveillance and monitoring of guarded facilities

The company SECURITAS GRUPA d.o.o. provides service to visit your facilities to the agreed intervals, and ensures availability 24 hours a day.

Bodyguard services

As the basis of physical protection, company SECURITAS GRUPA d.o.o. grants special attention to personal protection insurance (bodyguard). For protection we use only the best bodyguards with excellent physical education, long experience protecting people and the knowledge of foreign languages. With the best staff,  guarantee of  security for protected persons is and excellent technical equipment that is used by our bodyguards. SECURITAS GRUPA d.o.o. bodyguards operate seamlessly for the protected person, but at all times ready to act preventively in order to preserve physical integrity of protected person.

Security analyses

The company SECURITAS GRUPA d.o.o. can provide professional security analysis of employees, associates, future associates, customers and others as necessary for its clients.